Electro Freeze Pre-Start-Up Form

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Pre-Start-Up Checklist

The following information is needed before the demonstration and start-up of Electro Freeze Equipment. Please verify all information and submit this form to schedule your start-up date. 

Street Address
Contact Name



Have the proper electrical requirements been met?
Is the water line installed?

Neccessary Start-up Items

Start-up box on site and available
Is the product available and ready for install?
Do you have a preferred authorized EF service tech you prefer

Additional Contacts

Contact 1

Contact 2

Contact 3

Call 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment to cancel. Takes 2-3 weeks to get an appointment after this form is returned.

I have confirmed all the required information to schedule the start-up. If the proper power, water, mix, or personnel requirements listed are not available at the time designated and result in a second trip to finalize installation I agree to pay the trip charges. 

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